Android Oreo sled by Bluetooth fault

Android Oreo slitta per colpa del Bluetooth

One of the greatest quality of Android 8 “Oreo” is that it can handle Bluetooth-enabled devices with no problem. This means connecting your smartphone or tablet with more than one audio output from headphones to speakerphone home or car, simply by choosing the preferred box of available and already connected ones. Unfortunately, the big operating system update is experiencing more than one problem with the particular support, requiring optimization by developers and a likely delay in global update rollout.

What happen

In particular, those who installed the final beta of Oreo seem to be stuck in the impossibility of pairing Bluetooth with that of the car and still in big compatibility issues. The same people who live with certain types of headphones and wireless headsets needed on smartphones, such as the Pixel 2, without the classic audio jack. For the moment there is not much to do without noting the difficulties at Google, which opened a section within the Nexus help forum (the first with Pixels to receive Android 8). We will therefore have to wait for the company’s OS finalization and the subsequent customization of OEMs. These, as we know, always take a long time. It is plausible, then, that the top of the range (LG, Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus) Oreo will not arrive before the end of the year.



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