The new version of Omnis Studio 8.1 arrives

Arriva la nuova versione di Omnis Studio 8.1

Softpi announces the availability of Studio 8.1, the new version of Omnis Software’s web and mobile application development environment. This latest release makes Omnis Studio’s benefits available to a new generation of developers and greatly enhances the richness and functionality of Omnis’s Web and Mobile applications.

With Omnis Studio 8.1 developers can upload and share their libraries on GIT, thus reaching a wider audience through the popular code sharing site. The new version also allows you to use JavaScript controls already available and add them to Omnis libraries and projects, increasing the solution user’s richness, and opening the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to new JavaScript component developers. Studio 8.1 also includes a new interactive tutorial, called Welcome to Omnis, in which developers can create a simple web or desktop application designed to introduce Omnis to new application developers and entrepreneurs.

Omnis Studio 8.1 improvements include the ability to send push notifications to customers, making mobile applications more engaging and interactive to end users. In addition, web and mobile windows can now be fully responsive, enabling all devices and platforms to be accommodated from a single application code base. Additionally, this release has been an “headless” (headless) version of the Omnis application server, enabling easy deployment of Web and mobile applications on a wider range of Linux server configurations. All the new features of Omnis Studio 8.1 can be tested by downloading the solution from the website and signing up for a free 90-day trial.

Users currently on the Omnis Developer Partner Program (ODPP) can download the Studio 8.1 for free: the new serial numbers will be sent via e-mail after the release of the release. Omnis developers who still do not have the support program can upgrade to this new version by contacting the company.



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