IFA 2017: Teamosa brews tea with ultrasound

Tea-boiled gadgets have existed over the years. But in the mainstream it has not managed. The latest test comes from Teamosa, a startup that will be launched on September 13th with its product on the market.

Teamosa uses ultrasound to bring tea taste into the water more smoothly than with conventional methods. The idea came from the siblings Catherine and Irven Liu, whose parents had been cultivating tea in Taiwan since the early 1980s. Teamosa is her renewal attempt of family tradition.

Whom that irritates somehow, the device can pre-order via kickstarter for 240 to 300 dollars or somewhere next year for 400 bucks directly buy.

For the price, the device needs to get something tasteful, which is not possible with the ancient, and with the tea so long, identical production with boiling water. Otherwise: Juicero.



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