Lenovo is being held accountable in the US for adware

Lenovo zahlt 3,5 Millionen US-Dollar Strafe für Adware

About two and a half years ago it became clear that Lenovo at that time on laptops pre-installed the adware “VisualDiscovery”, with whose websites was added with additional advertising. The app of Superfish was also open in terms of security as a rusty barn door.

Quickly, complaints were filed, not least because in the room, Lenovo would have the installation compensated. Lenovo responded and offered help with the uninstallation, Microsoft helped.

All’s well that ends well? Is digital grass growing over the subject? Not quite. In the US, Lenovo has now committed to pay 3.5 million US dollars. Complaints were lodged in 32 federal states and proceedings were pending.

The FTC, which is responsible for consumer protection, also imposes clear rules on the future: Lenovo is not allowed to communicate installed software and its features in a true way and to pass on such collected data to third parties. Customers, on the other hand, would have to explicitly agree to the installation of such software. For the next 20 years, Lenovo is also committed to providing many consumer devices with security software that can detect such malware. This program is to be monitored by independent bodies.



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