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Oclean is a start-up based in Shenzhen in China which was born in May 2016. Specialized in dental health, the company has just launched a first product, the Oclean One. It is a sonic and connected electric toothbrush that will be launched on August 31 on Indigogo and that we were able to test in preview!


The Oclean One is an electric brush that resembles manual toothbrushes. It has a beautiful Uni-body design (plastic without BPA), with a body with a single touch button, and diodes to know the program used, then place to the rectangular head and removable. The so-called “sonic” operation reproduces a vertical movement back and forth of a manual toothbrush, except that with this type of toothbrush, there is no need to rub. Indeed, it is enough to move the brush from one tooth to the other, this Oclean One performing up to 50 000 movements per minute! It is precisely these vibrations, associated with the sweeping, that make it possible to eliminate the plaque. They also generate an emulsion of saliva and toothpaste which, pushed between the teeth, reaches the most difficult areas of access.

The Oclean One is IP67 (fortunately for a toothbrush), it is equipped with a motor manufactured by KOTL offering up to 50 000 movements per minute, an LG battery of 2600 mAh, a small enclosure, wireless charging (induction) as well as a head with brushes from Pedex and DuPont. Note that the product is delivered in a carrying case with an induction USB charger.

But the Oclean One is not a simple sonic toothbrush, since it is also connected! An iOS / Android app is indeed available, and it brings added value to the product. The Oclean One connects via Bluetooth to the application, and pairing is easy. Once connected, you have access to classic features like the battery, knowing if you brushed your teeth, whether it was effective or the time it took. Then you have settings such as language selection (for now English or Chinese), volume control, anti-spalsh (not to splash everywhere when you turn it on), firmware (yes, it updates a toothbrush), tips, a shop, etc. And finally, the last part of this application, probably the most important, is the programs.

If the toothbrush can be used without the application, because a default mode exists and the button is enough to select different brushing modes / force, once connected you have access to programs that allow to adapt the brushing your teeth to your needs. Indeed, other electric toothbrushes brush better than manual toothbrushes, but they do not take into account personal conditions. The Oclean One will therefore be able to adapt the brushing, if you have tartar, if your teeth are not white, if you have sensitive gums, etc. you will have the choice between 12 possible programs. You can change programs from one day to the next if you wish, or choose a program for the morning and another for the evening. If no program satisfies you, you can even create your own!

A little word about the record autonomy of this toothbrush … Equipped with an LG battery of 2600 mAh (the equivalent of some smartphones anyway), I did not have a refill to do for a little more than 2 months ! This is huge and the wireless charging (induction) via USB is between 3 and 4 hours. Impressive, right?

So we buy?

When it is available on Indiegogo, this Oclean One will be marketed from 59 euros, an unbeatable quality / price ratio for this type of toothbrush! Even at less than 100 euros (after the early birds) it remains very affordable for this type of toothbrush.

Now the question and whether this is really effective? So I can tell you about my personal experience, it’s been 4 months since I tested this toothbrush connected to the daily and frankly the result is really there. Accustomed to the Oral B classical wireless rotary head, I admit that if the change is brutal, the effectiveness is also. I tend to have a lot of tartar, and with this toothbrush I manage to limit it enormously which was not the case before. I am quite septic on the functionality type “massage” or “whitening”, but for the rest I am very happy. The benefit is clearly the “programs” part that offers the ability to personalize her brushing based on her oral health of the moment.
Do not hesitate if you have any questions to ask in the comments.

Price and Availability

The Oclean One was launched in China last June on the platform of crowdfunding Mija of Xiaomi, it met a real sucked since several thousand copies passed in a few days. It will be officially launched for the rest of the world on 31st August on Indiegogo at an unbeatable price: 59 euros in super early birds and 19 euros the 3 heads. The expedition is scheduled for the month of November.
The Oclean One will then be available from many online retailers like Amazon in December for around 120 euros. If you want to discover it, it will be exclusive to Geek’s Live on 14 October in Paris.



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