Google: YouTube Kids starts in Germany and Austria

Google: YouTube Kids starts in Germany and Austria

YouTube is now offering its kids-tailored service kids in Germany and Austria. YouTube Kids is not offered as the main portal not as a website, but exclusively as an app for Android and iOS. The use of YouTube Kids is free, but not free of advertising.

YouTube Kids divides their content into the categories series, music, learning and discovery. Google uses a mixture of automatic and manual curation to ensure that only child-friendly content is offered. The application must be set up in advance by the parents. Parents must first set whether the app is used by children in preschool age, school age or both groups. There is also the option to enable or disable the search. Then only suggested videos are offered.

The settings of the app are protected by a PIN, for example, a timer can be set for limiting the duration of use. Background music or sound effects of the app can also be deactivated there. There is no protection like Amazon FreeTime so that children can not leave the app.

For new markets, YouTube Kids offers customized content. For the start of kids in Germany, videos from “Der kleine Drachekocosnuss”, “Bibi and Tina” and “the sausage” are offered. Children’s singles or “Fireman Sam” are new productions especially for YouTube Kids.

Free, but with advertising

Google offers YouTube Kids completely free as an app for Android and iOS on smartphones and tablets. With Chromecast, Apple TV, Game Console or Smart TV, YouTube Kids can be brought to the big screen. The offer is funded differently than Amazon FreeTime however through advertising, because at least in Germany no way of paying for content. In the US, YouTube Kids can be combined with YouTube Red to make the offer pay-free.

The demands on advertising clips within YouTube Kids are higher than on the normal platform accessible to everyone. Advertising is always manually checked and thus curated for the new platform. For example, advertising for food is excluded, as well as interest-related advertising and paid advertising with remarketing pixels or other tracking pixels. YouTube Kids uses only the in-stream video ad format with a length of 15 seconds (non-skippable) or 60 seconds (skippable). Before each advertising clip, there is a three-hour notice of upcoming advertising.



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