ComputerBild gives 6 GB data volume to o2 customers

Data volume for o2 customers – The specialist magazine ComputerBild has revived an action and gives away a total of 6 GB data volume to o2 customers. A prerequisite for this is participation in the in-house network test.

Data volume for o2 customers

Already last year, ComputerBild donated a free data volume of 2 GB to all o2 customers, as long as they participated in the home network test. Now the action has been reduced in its form and is even more attractive. Overall, o2 customers can secure an extra 6 GB of data via the ComputerBild Network test.

For this, only the participation in the network test of the specialist magazine, which is offered through a free app, is necessary. Those eligible to participate are customers of the Munich network operator o2 who use a postal or prepaid contract with InternetPack. However, ComputerBild points out:

For technical reasons, customers are excluded with data access enabled, with a time or consumption-based internet usage as well as customers who already receive extra data volumes via other campaigns.

6 GB free for network test

The starting shot for the action will take place in October 2017 with the first 2 GB . Between November 2017 and February 2018, interested parties can secure two additional gigabytes twice and receive up to 6 GB in total. The prerequisite for this is that the network test is carried out at least twice a month .

In order to get into the genius of the free data volume, interested parties must register on the action page and download the free Netztest app. It should be noted that the action as in the last year applies only to direct o2 customers . Users from other providers in the o2 network, such as Drillisch brands or mobilcom-debitel, are excluded.




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