Galaxy Note 8: Face detection still outwitted at the IFA

Note 8 Gesichtserkennung überlistet Mel Tajon über TwitterGalaxy Note 8 face detection trickled out– Today’s top-of-the-range smartphones are also designed for security. Instead of the usual unlocking using a fingerprint sensor, a face detection is used. As in the Galaxy S8, this is also in Note 8 to prevent access by strangers. A developer has outmoded the technology.

Galaxy Note 8: Face detection overloaded

When Samsung launched the Galaxy S8 (Plus) in the trade, was also advertised with a secure unlocking using iris scanners. The Iris scanner is considered a safe alternative to the fingerprint sensor and Samsung announced in a statement that this technology is safe. The Chaos Computer Club could crack the face recognition, however.

Samsung has made much better at the Grade 8 than in the Galaxy S8, however, the manufacturer seems to have not changed with respect to the Iris scanner. On Twitter, Mel Tajon has proved that a hack is also possible here.

Video demonstrates hack from the iris scanner

The developer Mel Tajon has duplicated the iris scanner in the new Galaxy Note 8 directly at the IFA in Berlin. In a short video clip, the developer shows how it works, from which it could be concluded that Samsung has not updated the scanner.

In the video it can be seen that Mel Tajon has recorded a photo of himself at the IFA with a “strange” Galaxy Note 8, which he pushes before his own. The “foreign” device is then unlocked. This hack probably synonymous with Facebook photos, so the developer on its website. Whether face recognition is so easy to translate is not quite certain, because at the IFA, only demonstration devices are shown. In final devices that land in the sale, Samsung could make the technology safer. Cover image: Mel Tajon on Twitter.

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