congstar: Furthermore no LTE in planning

congstar roamingcongstar without LTE – Although congstar is turning the tariff and introducing new tariffs and improvements, customers still have to do without LTE. In the future, congstar CEO Peter Opdemom said that this will not change so quickly, on the fringe of the IFA.

congstar continues without LTE

At the IFA , congstar presented numerous innovations and only celebrated a 10-year anniversary . In addition to new Homespot tariffs, congstar customers can look forward to revised prepaid tariffs and music options. In addition, the Telekom subsidiary recently only gave a free volume of 10 GB to its customers.

But even if tariffs become increasingly attractive, congstar lacks a decisive criterion in the eyes of many customers: access to the telecom LTE network . This is currently only offered as part of the congstar Homespot , which is not intended for mobile use. As congstar CEO Peter Opdemom explained at the IFA, the release of LTE is currently not planned.

Telekom subsidiary with UMTS and HSDPA

“We are looking at the market on an ongoing basis to remain competitive. Accordingly, we are open for the future to change things. But we also have to see that we are highly successful, for example, with regard to our birthday action with what we offer our customers, “explained the manager on demand from “We also have a very low customer migration rate. We are competitive, customers come to Congstar and so the current situation is good for us – even without LTE . ”

The congstar boss, however, could not be led to a direct “no”. When asked when congstar can count on LTE, he said, “There is no reason for me to participate in speculation.”

congstar Homespot

congstar Homespot successfully

The manager expresses a positive opinion about the congstar Homespot, which seems to be more popular than expected. “For the fact that we have not applied the tariff in the past, we are very satisfied with the previous sales result,” he says. The familiarity also steadily increases. Peter Opdemom, however, admits: “Fairly, it must be said at this point that we also helped a competitive product.”

In the spring, Vodafone had launched a competing product with the GigaCube, placing the congstar Homespot in focus.



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