Comes to zapptales in Italy, a service that transforms WhatsApp content into memory

They also land in Italy after having gained great success in the main European countries, the zapptales services  , the solution that transforms WhatsApp chat  into indelible and unforgettable memories. In fact, there are a few simple clicks to turn our favorite chats into books to be jealously kept, to remember particularly significant events.

Whether it is a holiday with friends, a school trip, the beginning of a new love story or the pearls of the chatting chat, instant messaging apps contain increasingly important fragments of our lives that often deserve stay imprinted on the paper.

To create a zapptales book,  just export WhatsApp’s favorite chats  through the app available for Android and iOS or through the dedicated website. A preview will be created that can be customized by deleting images, choosing the background, cover, and of course the title.

Prices start at $ 24.90, including VAT, for soft book covers up to 150 pages, rising to 29.90 with a hard cover. For every additional 50 pages a further contribution of € 4 is required and, at the moment, there are no limits to the number of pages that can be printed. Finally, you can get a PDF at a cost of 14.90 euros with a maximum of 400 pages.

You can download  zapptales from the Play Store using the badge below, while for more information refer to the official site.



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