Google Drive and YouTube used by pirates to spread content

Torrent sites around the world have been firmly fought by the authorities, especially in the last year, when many have been closed or obscured for the public.

Many ” pirates ” have, therefore, been forced to look for an alternative to distribute their content, and Google Drive is one of the most widely used platforms.

According to Gadgets360, in fact, Google has more than 4,700 requests for published content on Drive for only August.

YouTube is no better platform for pirates to upload videos and link them to Google Drive, making it difficult (if not impossible) for the Mountain View giant to discover and remove them.

The issue of piracy also affects other cloud services, such as OneDrive and Mega , albeit with fewer reports of violations (last month a dozen for the first and a hundred for the second).

Always at Gadgets360, Google  Maps  is a pirated service to host these links as the content of users sent to My Maps is not moderate and therefore they are free to hide that information everywhere.

Obviously Google has promised to give battle to pirates.




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