Pokémon GO Safari, here is the calendar of European events postponed last summer

The Pokémon GO Fest last July organized in Chicago did not go exactly according to expectations, but the problems encountered did not deter Niantic. After postponing the Pokemon GO Safari program scheduled last August to have the most time to better organize events and avoid repeating the same problems in Chicago, the company has finally determined the dates for the upcoming events .

Delayed events are scheduled for next month in four shopping centers in as many large European cities; here is the calendar :

  • October 7: Copenhagen and Prague
  • October 14: Stockholm and Amsterdam

During these days, participants will pick up special eggs in Pokéstops and capture rare Pokémon like Unown . Pokémon GO players can reserve their ticket to try to capture all Pokémon events scheduled.

It has been a while since Niantic has published the application, but there are still many users; and do you still play us?



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