Here is a new lithium ion battery with watery electrolyte: farewell to the explosions?

As we learned from the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the batteries that power our smartphones can explode: so why do you point to a future where batteries, as well as more powerful, are even safer? This is probably what researchers at the University of Maryland thought, who developed a new battery with aqueous electrolyte and can provide a 4 volt voltage.

The use of an aqueous electrolyte is fire proof, in fact, but until now it could not offer performance worthy of note given the poor water reactivity; The new discovery, however, leads to the production of a lithium-ion battery with an aqueous electrolyte (and therefore fireproof) but can provide 4 V voltage (such as ordinary batteries with organic electrolytes).

In addition, this battery has been designed with a special cover that protects electrodes from degradation, something that organic electrolyte use spontaneously creates by deposition but that with aqueous electrolytes is not realized. To do this, the researchers produced an electrolyte with a very high concentration of salt, allowing the creation of what is called a solid electrolyte interphase (SEI).


The back of the medal? The life of this battery: only 70 charge and discharge cycles, well below those required for use in devices such as smartphones. However, it remains a good step forward, from which to start developing technology again: what do you think? If you are interested here you can find the published study.




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