Humble Hunie Sakura Bundle: Anime narratives use lower shoots

Humble Hunie Sakura Bundle: Anime-Erzählungen bedienen niedere Triebe

Humble Bundle lures with an offer for unusual tastes: The Hunie-Sakura bundle contains predominantly stimulating games from the genre of “Visual Novels“. These are erotic, animated stories or adventures in anime style.

Depending on the purchase price, only the amount of “picture books” in the bundle differs. They all have a style or content, which can be defined as “typically Japanese” and supposedly serve erotic stimulation. It is only naked, however, only with a corresponding patch, the developers due to the Steam usage regulations otherwise provide.

Courtesy Warning: The sexual themes in this game are mostly for fun/humor and don’t make for particularly great fapping material.

Description of the HunieCam Studio

The exception to the rule is the HunieCam Studio, in which it is in the style of Tycoon games to build a Camgirl empire. In order to prevent disappointments, the developers point out that the topics raised here would be less suitable for self-stimulation – some self-protection is the developer’s own. For the price of ten US dollars, the bundle is also supplemented by a rolling game with similar orientation.

All games for Windows PCs are delivered on Steam. In most cases, versions for Linux or MacOS are also available.



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