YouTube for Android has a poor volume management

Android has undoubtedly great potential, being an operating system that allows you to personalize every aspect but no doubt there is no shortage and one of the main concerns of volume management .

Google’s OS has three volume banners and their operation is at times a source of confusion: Ringtone is the one that handles notifications for phone calls, Multimedia is about videos and games, Alarm is for the alarm clock.

Well, it almost seems that for applications like YouTube (that is media content) is the second of the above-mentioned bars, but that is not the case, as the app is based on the ringtone volume setting.

Same thing also happens with Twitter while apps like Facebook, Chrome and Snapchat fit properly to the Multimedia volume settings.

Surely it is curious that YouTube developers have not yet corrected this defect and indeed the wish of so many is that they push even further by introducing into Android a toggle to manage audio content when you press the volume key on the smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a similar solution, as well as some ROMs (for example, the LineageOS). For the rest, however, there is currently the Rocker Locker app.



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