WhatsApp returns for payment, but only for business users

It seems that Facebook finally found a way to return, at least in part, to the substantial investment made to acquire WhatsApp, about $ 22 billion. Although WhatsApp Matt Idema’s COO does not preclude the possibility that the app will display ads, the source of earnings for the moment will be another.

Payers will be business users who through WhatsApp Business  can use the application to keep in touch with their customers. In recent days we have shown you how WhatsApp is working on the new application, allowing users to quickly identify business activities.

Initially, however, only the big realities that the Anglo-Saxons call enterprise should pay, while small realities should be able to enjoy the service free of charge. According to WhatsApp , the Business version should be reserved for small businesses, while large multinationals should develop an ad-hoc solution to keep contact with millions of customers around the world.

At present, limited testing is underway, but it is all too soon that new versions will be released for companies. Keep following us to stay up to date on the evolution of the situation.



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