IDC: “The average price of smartphones grew by 7%”

A study led by IDC – the world leader in research, consulting and events in the field of ICT and digital innovation – gives producers good news and a “less good”: it is true that sales do not have the rhythms of the past, but it is equally that consumers are willing to pay more .

If, in 2016, the industry growth rate for the first time stood at a single digit figure with a gain of 2.5%, this year the increase compared to the previous one will drop to 2% with 1.5 billion units sold to an average price of 7% .

Obviously, the thanks goes to the high end devices, with a note of merit for so-called phablets that are on average more expensive by 9% compared to 2016 and that in the same year they will have sales volumes of at least 34%. And in 2021 – reads in the same study – they will have a market share of 51%.

Considering the average life of a smartphone around the age of two , and the recent shake at the market by the new 18: 9 aspect ratio that makes the widescreen screens more manageable, it’s easy to see how accurate these predictions can be.



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