Sharp sold from 2018 Smartphones in Europe

Sharp verkauft ab 2018 wieder Smartphones in Europa


Sharp has announced at the IFA in Berlin, to want to from 2018, again, your own smartphone in Europe to sell. The first models will be shown at the end of February in Barcelona, the trade press, from the 26.2.2018 the MWC will be held there again.

A company that brings even more Android devices in the trade, you might think. However, the case Sharp is a little bit different. Sharp is not only in the middle of the current Trend for borderless Displays: The screens may also take advantage of IGZO technology. The is energy efficient, it registers touches even when wet surface and supports a refresh rate up to 120 Hz. So far, the phones a novelty. Only the larger Displays of the current models of Apple’s iPad Pro offer this presentation in the category of mobile devices. At the exhibition in Berlin, you can already see a Smartphone in which a Display is installed. The manufacturer also shows a camera with f/1.9 and 22.6 mega pixels.

Of course, it is becoming more and more difficult to move with all phones nor anything at all – the market is saturated and dominated by the usual players successfully. Like Sharp wants to find a niche, remains to be seen. However, since the Takeover by Foxconn, you should have at least financially for the long haul.




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