Eat half: Design Service reflects the food

Half of a food or drink has language games in the German language, some. So you are not talking like half a Serving, if someone is stalking with wide inflated chest through the area. And then there is, of course, the legendary half a glass, no one knows whether it is half full or half empty. Also in the ’80s and’ 90s popular the diet was FdH, which stands for eat half, and since the eye is known to have been developed with eating, the design Studio Playfool this exciting dish service. There are plates, bowls, glasses and Cutlery. Only half a mirror is perfected, however, the optical enjoyment. The designers of this work, however, not only to people who want to lose weight, but also to humanity in General. In the future, food will always be people on the earth are produced. The half a Kilo of Steak and a bucket of Chicken at KFC could be anything other than a matter of course.


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