# IFA2017: Samsung introduces Gear Sport, a smartwatch for physical activity enthusiasts

The South Korean manufacturer completes its Gear S3 range with the Gear Sport, a connected watch that makes the eyes sweet to sportsmen.

Although the market for connected watches stagnates as much as a swamp in Louisiana, Samsung does not give up its smart bracelet line. Already strong of the Classic and Frontier models, its range of Gear S3 welcomes a new arrival: the Gear Sport. As the name suggests, it is aimed primarily at those for whom health is unavoidable, as well as athletes of all kinds.

An advantageous physics

With a 42 mm metal case, the Gear Sport is smaller than the Gear S3 (46 mm). It is also thinner with 11.6 mm thickness against 12.5 mm for its big sister. Regarding the screen, one is in front of a plate Amoled of 1.2 inch, offering a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels.

Not only is it less cumbersome than its elders, the Gear Sport is waterproof at 5 ATM, which makes it resistant to water in a depth of 50 m. Ideal for swimmers.

A more sporty orientation

Under the hood, the Gear Sport is more or less the same as the Gear S3. It boasts a SoC Exynos dual core 1GHz, as well as 768MB of RAM. We also find classic GPS, Wi-Fi chips, Bluetooth and NFC. As for the OS, Gear Sport relies on Tizen.

Finally, it is at the level of applications that Gear Sport will appeal to athletes. It integrates Speedo On, an application that allows you to record your swimming sessions, a new heart rate monitor, a physical activity detector, and a fully customizable lens and alert system to prepare your sessions while remaining aware of your progress.

Unveiled in the margin of the IFA 2017, the Gear Sport still has no price, but a release date. Samsung promises to go on sale next October.



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