congstar Homespot: New LTE tariffs with up to 50 GB

congstar Homespot – congstar Homespot customers will soon be able to access three new tariffs which will further customize the offer. In addition to various Flex variants, data volumes of up to 50 GB and surf speeds of up to 40 Mbps are now offered.

New rates for congstar Homespot

Congstar will present three new tariffs for its own homepot at IFA, which is held in Berlin . The offer has been available for around a year and has so far provided 20 GB with LTE speeds of up to 20 Mbit / s for 20 Euro. Unlike traditional smartphone tariffs, the congstar Homespot can only be used locally and is an alternative to the various DSL and cable offerings on the ground.

The previous Homespot offer will be updated at the beginning of October and divided into three new tariffs in the Onlineshop. Interested parties can then choose between three Flex and two runtime variants with 24 months validity.

Homespot rates S, M and L

In the Homespot S tariff, offered as a Flex variant, no monthly costs are incurred . If the data access is required, it can be unlocked for 10 Euro for 48 hours each. During this time a data volume of 10 GB with up to 20 Mbit / s via LTE is available. Booking is possible as often as required.

congstar Homespot

The two Homespot tariffs M and L are offered as flex and runtime variant and cost 20 euros and 30 euros per month. 20 GB and 30 GB are available every month. Those who opt for the runtime variant can access 40 GB and 50 GB. In the Homespot M the maximum surfing speed is 20 Mbit / s, in the Homespot L 40 Mbps.

Homespot S 10 Euro 10 GB 20 Mbit/s 48 hours
Homespot M Flex 20 Euro mtl. 20 GB 20 Mbit/s 1 month
Homespot M 20 Euro mtl. 30 GB 20 Mbit/s 24 Months
Homespot L Flex 30 Euro per month 40 GB 40 Mbit/s 1 month
Homespot L 30 Euro per month 50 GB 40 Mbit/s 24 Months

In the Homespot M and Homespot L tariffs, the used volume will be provided again on request. For 10 euros per booking, congstar increases the data volume in both tariffs to 10 GB and makes it available again. The usage is still bound to an address and takes place locally in the vicinity of the particular mobile cell. An address change is possible at any time and as often as required and will be billed with 20 Euro each. The transfer will take place within 24 hours.




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