Telekom CarConnect: OBD connector for vehicle analysis incl. 10 GB hotspot

Telekom CarConnect – The new service Telekom CarConnect connects the Bonn network operator an OBD adapter for vehicle analysis with a mobile WLAN hotspot. This gives not only an overview of the vehicle data, but also allows Internet usage on the road.

Telekom CarConnect

From the end of October, Telekom will offer its customers the new CarConnect solution , which not only analyzes their own car but also accesses the mobile Internet on the road. The core of the offer is an OBD connector , which is attached to the appropriate interface in the vehicle and keeps its data in mind.

The adapter is available for numerous vehicles with one year starting from 2006 and connects wirelessly with an app on the smartphone. Numerous relevant vehicle data can now be read out via these . For example, the battery status, various error codes and other information, including damage or theft of the car. In addition, the app allows the tracking of the distance traveled and provides information on where the vehicle is currently located.

OBD connector including SIM and Hotspot-Flat

In addition to the data on the vehicle, the OBD connector supplies the occupants of the car with a WLAN hotspot and matching data. This is under the name CombiCard Car , costs 9.95 euros per month and provides 10 GB of data volume including EU roaming. The free CarConnect app  is available for Android and iOS smartphones. To use Telekom CarConnect, a MagentaMobil contract is required.

The starter package, including OBD adapter, sim card and tariff, is expected to cost only 70 euros and will be available from the end of October 2017.

“What makes our offer unique is the combination of autodata and hotspot. We not only offer owners of older cars the chance to make their car a smart car, but also turn the car into a rolling hotspot. This is especially interesting for families. Surfing and streaming is now also easy in the car, “explains Michael Hagspihl, Managing Director of Private Customers, Telekom Deutschland.



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