Ovum: Google will continue to dominate the digital server market

According to a new research carried out by Ovum in the US and the UK last May, current digital assistants do not meet user expectations, more than half of them think they are unnecessary.

However, more than a third of consumers in the United States and the UK use digital assistants every week (roughly the same level as Netflix adoption).

Ovum’s search also confirms that the number of devices with a digital assistant installed is growing steadily and 3.6 billion in 2016 will reach 7.5 billion devices by 2021 (including smartphones, tablets, worn devices, TVs , etc.).

In essence, in 2021, the population of digital assistants will be the same as today’s human beings. The market for pre-loaded digital servers will be dominated by Google with Assistant (with a market share of 23.3%), followed by Samsung with Bixby (14.5%), Apple with Siri (13.1%), Amazon with Alexa (3.9%) and Microsoft with Cortana (2.3%).

Are you coming back to the category of those who think digital assistants still have little use?



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