The ddl on competition remains on paper for now: the operators ask for time

Despite the fact that the new bill on competition has come into effect for a few days, telephone operators do not seem to be able to comply with all the new features introduced and take time to adapt. After working for years in what should be the biggest change after the Bersani law, the competition ddl seems to be faced with so many difficulties expressed by operators, who ask for clarity and meetings with the Authorities.

The hot spots are five, basically, and should bring undoubted benefits to consumers, but it seems that they will have to wait a long time to see them put into practice. Termination of telephone contracts, which should also be allowed by telecoms, is only possible through Pec for some operators. It will take months to define new procedures that will make it possible to cancel it through physical stores, emails, or internet sites.

With regard to the maximum duration of contracts, set by law for 24 months , traders ask for time to adjust, as in most cases contracts require a 30-month commitment. New efforts will be needed to prevent the scams of premium services, which entail charges to users without explicit consent.

According to the operators, this is impossible, as the expression of consent is required, but consumer associations are opposed to, given the high number of deceptive clicks that involve many unwanted charges .

Another melting knot is that of calls to non-geographic numbers (Call Centers and the like), which should only come from the actual operator response, which will require a new understanding between operators and service providers concerned.

Regarding the transparency and costs associated with canceling a telephone contract, operators argue that they already comply with the new regulations, but in this sense, AGCOM’s intervention is required to determine which operators are in fact in line with the new regulations.

So there is a long wait for end users, who for the time being can not enjoy all the rights guaranteed by law. The comments box is at your disposal to express your opinion on the matter.

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