WW8800M: Samsung’s AI washing machine runs faster


No one had expected a smartphone surprise at the IFA this year at the IFA. After all, the one with the note 8 had already been presented before, but one of the stars would be a washing machine with AI, probably no one had expected so , But finally, the AI this year is the 3D of the season (apropos, no, not a single brave 3D TV we’ve seen more).

The main genius of the WW8800M is that there is still something turning in the washing drum in the washing drum, which should probably shorten the washing time by half an hour. A normal wash takes only about 40 minutes, instead of 70, without losing the washing power (we are lost here quite involuntarily in the 70s commercials).

And of course the whole thing has something to do with AI. This is probably also in the Wersmied for the app, because a better name as Q-rator could not be found for it. It is unclear where the usual mountains for data sets are to be programmed for an AI is also clear why an artificial intelligence is needed when you tell the app what you are doing, and then it will set up the right wash for you which house men have been able to calculate in their heads since generation. A little less assured certainly.

For the WW8800M there is neither a price, nor an appearance, and it will probably not be transparent, like the prototype at the IFA, but the time savings! In fact, at the Samsung conference, we were even given the idea of ​​how much more time we have in our lives now with this washing machine, but this is true only for people who have to watch almost every rotation of their drum, because like all other washing machines they do not need any direct supervision either.



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