congstar: More data volume for prepaid rates and music option

congstar wie ich willcongstar prepaid tariffs – The congstar prepaid tariffs “As I want” will be upgraded with more data volume (up to 2 GB) as of September 8th. In addition, prepaid customers receive a higher bandwidth of up to 42 Mbps. Congstar both new and existing customers benefit from the new conditions.

More volume for prepaid as I want

At the IFA in Berlin, telecom subsidiary congsat also announced innovations. As of September 8, 2017, all prepaid customers of the “Prepaid like me” price model will receive more data at the same price. In addition, the maximum data speed is increased for these customers.

With the congstar “Prepaid like I want” mix of wishes, users in the congstar online shop can create their own prepaid rate with units for telephony, SMS and data volume. For 2 euros, customers will continue to receive 100 MB unrestricted higher-speed volume. For the price of 4 euros the data volume is increased from 300 MB to 400 MB. With the prepaid option for monthly 8 euros, the volume is doubled from 500 MB to 1 GB. The maximum bandwidth also increases from 7.2 Mbps to 21 Mbps.


congstar Datenturbo with 42 Mbit / s and 2 GB

For a monthly surcharge of 5 euros, the congstar Datenturbo option is bookable at all prepaid rates. After booking, the maximum bandwidth and the data volume are doubled. Customers benefit from 200 MB, 800 MB, or 2 GB of high-speed storage, depending on the option they have ordered.

The number of included units for telephony and SMS remains unchanged. For the price of 2 Euro, 4 Euro and 8 Euro can be booked 100, 300, or 500 Allnet minutes. In contrast to many competitors, billing continues in the 30-day cycle.

Music option for congstar prepaid

The discounter also announced that prepaid customers will be able to book the music option from mid-September. Until now, the music option was offered only to customers with a fixed contract term. The monthly option price for the Tidal Premium version is EUR 8.99 instead of EUR 9.99. The option can be tested for six months free of charge and can be terminated monthly. Customers of PennyMobile and ja! Mobil can also book the option.




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