GMX & IoT-Collective: “Data SIM 200” track bike or pet

GMX web.deGMX & IoT tariff – As of September, GMX is expanding its mobile offering with an IoT tariff. In addition to the GMX mobile phone tariffs, an IoT SIM card is offered for automated data exchange. All information about the IoT offer can be found here.

GMX & IoT tariff

In September, the 1 & 1 brands GMX and are launching an IoT tariff for the Internet of Things for the first time. With the IoT tariff, an automated data exchange can be carried out between different devices .

For this purpose, and GMX offer a “Data SIM 200” tariff as a SIM card for end users. At the monthly price of 2.99 euros , users can carry out an information exchange between different end devices. The IoT tariff is suitable, for example, for use between a GPS tracker and the smartphone .

Data SIM 200 tariff with LTE

The and GMX Data SIM 200 tariff has a monthly high- volume data volume of 200 MB . In addition, free-SMS is included in tariff 20. The maximum bandwidth is 21.6 Mbit / s in the LTE network . Details on the network used and the conditions for further high-speed volume are not yet available. However, the tariff is likely to be realized in the Telefónica LTE network of o2 and E-Plus.

The new tariff allows private customers to equip their bicycles or the cat collar with a GPS tracker with simple means . It is then possible to determine the current position data using the GPS tracker. This sends the data directly to the smartphone or desktop PC on request . In addition, the tariff can be used in devices with Sim slot, eg alarm systems or navigation devices. However, no roaming is allowed , the Data SIM 200 tariff is therefore only usable in Germany.



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