A search of the Trust confirms that the Millennials are a smartphone-employees

A new search by Fido confirms that most of the Millenials are very dependent on their smartphones in everyday life.

According to Fido, 73 percent of the Millennials rely on the phone to handle their social life compared to the old generation .

But the most curious aspect is that users of this age group (ie, born in the last two decades of last century) are five times more dependent on smartphones to maintain their sex life.

In addition, according to Fido, Millennials are more likely (twice) to argue that their social interactions over the course of a day occur through a telephone.

Among the other curiosities of the Fido survey, conducted in Canada among people aged 18 to 65, we find the following data:

  • 28% of Millennials looks at the phone while doing other things (in other age groups this is only 11% of users)
  • compared to the previous generation, Millennials have a dual risk of using the phone in the bathroom (69%), dinner (42%) or at a meeting (23%)
  • 27% of Millennials believes it is right to use the phone while you are in bed with your partner

Do you find yourself in this description?



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