The EU orders withdrawal from the New-Look Power Bank market

A new measure is taken by the authorities of the European Union to safeguard the safety of consumers and concerns a power bank considered dangerous: we are talking about a model marketed with the brand New-Look.

According to the European Commission Rapid Alert System, this is a 2.800 mAh power bank, available in various colors (light blue, pink, gold) and marketed at 14.99 euros (or £ 12.99 in the UK Kingdom).

The basis for the EU decision to order the withdrawal from the market of this accessory is the complaint by the Dutch authorities of danger of fire (with two cases already occurred): measures to prevent the risk of overheating.

The New-Look Powerbank should not be for direct sales in our country but there are several European websites where it is marketed so the advice is, as always in these cases, to pay close attention to the products you buy.



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