ARK: Survival Evolved: Live-Action Trailer and mysterious Countdown

ARK: Survival Evolved: Live-Action-Trailer und mysteriöser Countdown

On the occasion of the recent publication of the ARK: Survival Evolved a Live-Action was released as a Trailer for the game. This Studio Wildcard and Snail Games have cooperated with the Team of Pixomondo, which produced, among others, effects for the Fantasy series Game of Thrones. In Parallel, a Countdown is running.

Of the sixteen seconds short Trailer starts with the scene with which the play begins: The half-naked character wakes up on the beach of an island, and rubs in disbelief with an implant provided with the left Arm.

As the Team of ARK: Survival Evolved announcing on YouTube, to be published in the near future, more “cinematic episodes” of this type. Whether a real web series behind it, or only on special occasions – such as now with the Launch of a Live-Action Trailer will appear, remains to be seen.

Mysterious Countdown ends at 18

Even more mysterious is the Team with a Countdown that ends today at 18 o’clock. On the basis of the audio-visual effects, it is speculated that in the ARK Communities eager about underwater worlds or a space-Setting. Because today, exactly one year ago, the DLC Scorched Earth appeared that close to the release of the next expansion. The appearance of the Spin-off of the ARK: Primal Survival is as well.

Update At 19:04
With plenty of late, the announcement via Live-Stream on Twitch. As expected, the next expansion was announced, the Aberration is hot. The release is scheduled for October 2017. In the recording of the stream to the Trailer.


ARK: Survival Evolved in the engineering Test

Computer base has looked at the ARK: Survival Evolved for the Launch of the technical side in more detail. In the technology test also, many graphics were in addition to optical Stimuli, unfortunately, error.



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