Aberration: ARK: Survival Evolved escaped into the underground in October

Aberration: ARK: Survival Evolved flüchtet im Oktober in den Untergrund

The mysterious countdown has expired and now it is clear what is behind it. ARK: Survival Evolved receives another DLC, called Aberration, just over a year after the first Scorched Earth expansion. The publication is scheduled for October 2017 on all three platforms.

With ample delay, the expansion was announced within the framework of the PAX West via live stream on Twitch (recording). On Steam the product page is already unlocked, the further details, but still no price, unveiled. For owners of Season Pass, the extension is free, as well as these exclusive cosmetic item skins in the form of a helmet and a sword.

Aberration, which can also be translated with anomaly or deviation, is supposed to represent a decayed, faulty ARK. The speech is based on a system of biomes in the underground, because the sun’s rays are radioactive and next to earthquakes and gas leaks a new threat. The trailer already shows some of the new creatures and equipment that include wingsuits and climbing equipment. Over 50 new items are promised. Another threat is the “nameless”, which is called humanoid light-hiding monstrosities.

ARK: Survival Evolved in the technique test

ComputerBase, the main game ARK: Survival Evolved has looked more closely from the technical side. In the Techniktest, in addition to optical stimuli, unfortunately also many graphic errors.



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