Beyerdynamic Aventho: On-Ear headphones will be coordinated with the listening test on the carrier

Beyerdynamic Aventho: On-Ear-Hörer wird mit Hörtest auf den Träger abgestimmt

Beyerdynamic, after the reissues DT 1770 and DT in 1990, the IFA once again in 2017 on the Tesla technology and is presenting the Aventho wireless On-Ear earpiece that adapts, by means of the listening test on the specifics of the hearing AIDS wearer.

“The glasses for your ears”

Each person takes sounds and sounds differently. This begins already in the audible frequency range, the people perceive differently. And with age, hearing declines even without environmental influences. For creating an individual Hörprofils Beyerdynamic works together with the Berlin-based Mimi Hearing Technologies. The company has developed a hearing test in the Form of an App, the Hördaten analyzed and the user, among other things, personalized music suggestions outputs. Meanwhile, Mimi has measured about a Million people and the data together with healthcare Professionals and the hospital for audiometry and phoniatrics Charité hospital in Berlin to be evaluated.

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The cooperation deepened this approach again. The collected acoustic data will be analyzed and a personalized particular hearing profile of the carrier on the Beyerdynamic Aventho stored. It consists of a purely from the age-derived component and, if desired, in addition, from the results of the listening tests with three minutes duration per ear. The storage on the Headset has the advantage that the data are not always active, even if the playback device has the App.

Beyerdynamic explained that the adjustment of the signal, some information can be highlighted to help the brain to distinguish between the different sound elements and to process those. This should not, however, be carried out via the frequency-selective volume adjustment of an Equalizer, such as Beyerdynamic emphasized in an Interview explicitly.

Significant effect when listen to sample

Alone the age (in this case 35 years) brought to the trial to listen to the IFA in 2017, a notable difference in Sound as compared to light. The music was perceived as much more and didn’t seem too loud, although it is effective. Users can not only choose whether the function is active or inactive, but also on their intensity of influence.

Tesla and aptX HD

The Beyerdynamic Aventho is supra-aural and have a closed housing. The frequency range is 10 to 40,000 Hertz. By a special design of the Tesla driver to generate, in contrast to conventional headphones, a stronger magnetic field. In addition, the sound can be worked at the end of the voice coil of filigree, which is especially useful for the wealth of detail.

To Transfer the Aventho supports the following Codecs: aptX HD, aptX, Apple’s AAC, and SBC. Just the aptX HD Codec to ensure an almost loss-free transmission quality.

Codec not widespread

Although the aptX HD has been adopted, Codec in January 2016 from Qualcomm, but support him even after one and a half years, so far, only a few Smartphones. In addition to the already longer supported LG G5, G6, and V20 is the smartphone Sharp SH-03J, Sharp SHV39, OnePlus 5, 3 and 3T now.

In addition to a duration of 20 hours, the handset can also be operated via a latch and a built-in microphone as a Headset. Via Touch buttons on the right side of the case, various commands can be executed, such as louder, quieter, or answering a call. The Beyerdynamic Aventho should be starting in October 2017 in the colors brown and Black for a price of around 450 euros.



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