Kirin 970: Huawei SoC with NPU for the Mate 10

Kirin 970: Huawei stellt SoC mit NPU für das Mate 10 vor

Huawei has unveiled at IFA the Kirin-970-SoC for October expected Mate 10. Actually, the Chip is to be shown tomorrow as part of a Keynote, at the Huawei booth, he is issued but already with some Details on the equipment. The Kirin 970 comes with a faster GPU, a faster LTE, and for the first time, a NPU.

The Kirin 970 Huawei is the semiconductor division, HiSilicon TSMC in 10 instead of 16 nm. On a square centimeter 5.5 billion Transistors are gathered.

NPU stands for Neural Processing Unit and is a stand-alone computing unit solely for the field of artificial intelligence (AI/AI). The NPU can be used for various application areas. Of, the issuing Huawei at IFA, is the object recognition in images and Videos. The NPU identifies the represented objects and assigns them names, for example, car, dog, Pizza, watch, or Person. By Big Data and Machine Learning a NPU must be trained in advance in order to obtain these skills. In conjunction with a Cloud connection, a network of tens of thousands can lead in Smartphones built-in NPUs this machine Learning continues to improve, the NPU capabilities steadily over time.

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NPU suggests CPU performance and fuel consumption

The processing of this information on the NPU is significantly faster than using the CPU or GPU, on the other, the process is much more energy efficient. Compared to the calculation on the CPU performance by a factor of 25 increases, while the energy consumption is reduced by a factor of 50. Locally, Huawei demonstrated the computing power on an Android programmed sample App to detect objects on images that do not need to be necessarily correct. In the specific example, five potential outcomes for each scanned image. In this comparison, the NPU suggests the CPU 32 to 1 FPS. Huawei specifies a processing power of 1.92 TFLOPS at half-precision (FP16).

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In a second scenario, a developer is equipped on Board with the Kirin 970 and a Dual camera. This is directed to a Tablet, the different images is to recognize the NPU. On a big screen TV, the detected objects are shown with names. Test yourself in front of the lens is pushed objects were but recognized as well with a high hit rate, including various food, hands, cars, and motorcycles. The back of a iPhone 7 Plus, however, was wrong, but under a great deal of laughter from the audience as a toilet detected.

New ARM Mali-G72-GPU

Off the new NPU of the Kirin 970 also offers a new Generation of Mali GPU, which provides more processing units. The CPU consists of four Cortex-A73 and four Cortex-A53 of ARM has not changed Huawei. The key data are in agreement with the Kirin 960: The CPU clock speeds will remain at up to 2.4 GHz on the Performance of the Cluster and up to 1.8 GHz on the Power Cluster at the same level.

In terms of graphics unit, the second Generation of the Bifrost architecture of ARM comes with the Mali-G72 is used, which will offer up to 40 percent higher performance than the Mali-G71 on the Basis of the first Bifrost architecture. In the case of the change from the first to the second Generation of Bifrost, for Huawei fitted with the MP12 – instead of MP8 variant also has 50 percent more processing units. In connection with the performance jump due to the change of generation is expected to have a significant increase in GPU Performance.


LTE Advanced Pro 1.2 Gbit/s in the Downlink

The LTE Modem on the chip has also been revised. Still lacks some Details on the exact implementation, it is known, however, that the in the Kirin 970 built-in LTE Modem Cat. 18 for up to 1.2 Gbit/s will support in the Downstream. Huawei was on a par with the already in February of this year, announced Snapdragon X20 of Qualcomm, as well as the recently promised new Exynos Modem from Samsung. Although Huawei has completed as the last of these three providers the announcement, the company with the Mate 10 to the middle of October, however, the first with a finished Cat.-18-be Modem.

More Details for Kirin 970 will follow tomorrow in the Huawei Keynote at 14:00.



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