Telekom Magenta Young-of-use rates replace the Friends-of-use rates

Telekom Magenta Young tariffs, The Telecom will replace, from 1. September, the previous Friends-of-use rates by new Magenta Young rates. The Young-of-use rates also provide benefits for young people, such as, for example, the volume of data. In addition, young Magenta, one customer, a new Magenta home Surf package.

Telekom Magenta Young-Of-Use Rates

At the IFA in Berlin, the Telekom has introduced a Change in its rates for young people (Friends-of-use rates). The previously marketed Telecom Friends-in tariffs will be replaced by new Magenta Young-of-use rates. The new offering is available immediately in the Telekom Online-Shop available, and is aimed at young people under the age of 27. Magenta Young offers many benefits, including for the first time, an additional offer for young Magenta one customer.

For the young target group, the new Magenta Young rates offer more data volume at a much lower price. The four Magenta Young Collective XS, S, M and L are without a Smartphone starting at 17.95 euros per month and include up to 12 GB of high-speed volume. While in the Magenta mobile Young XS Collective 1 GB included, has the Magenta mobile Young S Tariff on a 4 GB volume. The Magenta mobile Young M Fare and the Magenta mobile Young L Collective have 6 GB or 12 GB of data volume.


In addition, the StreamON Music Option from the Magenta mobile Young S Tariff free book. The StreamON Music & Video Option in the higher-value Tariffs, Magenta mobile Young M and L, free of charge bookable. Compared to the normal Magenta mobile Tariffs, the Young had rates up to 6 GB of additional data volume. A disadvantage of the new Magenta Young has to offer, however: While the Friends-of-use rates for young people up to 25 years and students up to 29 years, in the case of Magenta mobile Young are generally an age limit of 26 years.

Magenta One Customer: Magenta Home Surf

For young Telekom customers, the need to have a mobile phone contract, a DSL contract, provides Telekom with Magenta home Surf exclusive product. The combined offer of mobile telephony and DSL is for young Magenta one customers monthly 31,90 Euro.

The Magenta One Young S Tariff includes a home, for example, an Internet, a Flat-rate without a fixed-network telephony with up to 16 Mbit/s. on-the-go, there is a Allnet & SMS Flat with 4 GB of high-speed data, with LTE Max. The Option StreamON Music also provides for limitless music enjoyment. For the Router, customers will receive a one-time credit in the amount of 120 Euro.

“With StreamOn from the Tariff Magenta Mobil S, as well as the new Magenta home Surf Collective for young Magenta one customer, we extend a world-class range. It is tailored to the needs of young people. A lot of surfing and streaming at a particularly good price/ performance ratio,“ says Michael Hagspihl, managing Director for the private customers of Telekom Germany

Under the new Telecom-tariffs book now.


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