mobilcom-debitel: Worldwide freenet HotSpot-Flat option started

Worldwide freenet HotSpot-Flat – mobilcom-debitel is the first mobile provider in Germany to launch a worldwide HotSpot-Flat. With the global HotSpot-Flat from freenet, customers have access to around 50 million HotSpots.

Worldwide freenet HotSpot-Flat

The Büdelsdorfer mobile service provider mobilcom-debitel presented a new HotSpot product at the IFA. While the new freenet HotSpot-Flat option is already included in two flagship tariffs, the option can also be added to all of the language and data rates .

The worldwide freenet HotSpot-Flat can be booked at the monthly rate of € 4.99 . The option can be terminated monthly and the first month of use is free of charge. After booking, customers have access to approximately 50 million HotSpots in 120 countries. In Germany alone 400,000 hotspots , including all Telekom HotSpots , are available. There are also seven million HotSpots in France, five million HotSpots in England and more than 18 million HotSpots in the US.

HotSpot-Flat included in two tariffs

The worldwide HotSpot-Flat from freenet is already included in the two revised flagship tariffs “comfort Allnet” and “real Allnet” . In the mobilecom-debitel comfort Allnet tariff for mtl. 31.99 Euro is now available with an unrestricted high-speed data volume of 2 GB . In the mobilecom-debitel real Allnet tariff, the included volume was increased to 4 GB . The monthly basic price is 36.99 euros. The maximum bandwidth in the networks of Telekom, Vodafone or o2 is up to 50 Mbit / s. The use of the HotSpot-Flat is equally possible on both Android and iOS devices.

“The data thugs of current smartphones are characterized by the modern streaming applications of our customers. What was the exception a few years ago is now a matter of course, since the volume of data contained in the tariffs is often not enough. With the new tariff generation, we are now offering unsurpassed surfspace in the world’s largest hotspot network, in addition to increased mobile data volume. With 50 million hotspots worldwide, the offer will certainly be a first-class companion for the mobile travel of our customers, “ explains Rickmann von Platen, CEO of mobilcom-debitel.



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