Iliad will invest over one billion euros for landing in Italy

During the press conference in which he presented the half-yearly financial statements, Iliad’s CEO Maxime Lombardini talked about landing in Italy, which will not happen before the end of the year. The first consequence will be the creation of a thousand jobs, not all employees and with some project contracts, with operational headquarters in Milan and legal in Rome.

If in the first half of 2017 Iliad invested about 60 million euros in Italy, of which about 50 for licenses at Wind Tre, the total investment will exceed one billion euros. 300 million euros will be spent in the second half of the year, while 2018 to 2019 will be paid another 390 million euros at Wind Tre for frequencies.

There are then 220 million euros to be paid to the state for frequencies and another 240 for the decade 2020-2029, to which will be submerged investment for recruitment. Management has already been defined, with six top managers already defined, all Italians, and the CEO of the Italian division, outside the group and once again Italian.

In France, Iliad’s mobile division continues to deliver excellent results, although net profit is down due to the numerous promotions launched by the competition. The group still has the best 4G network in France, which is a good hope for our arrival in Italy, where 4G coverage is not the same as other European countries.

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