Sony RXO: A “modular” camera instead of action


It does not always have to be an action cam, Sony will have thought about the RXO and developed a camera for professional use, which can be extended to any setups. With its Exmor RS CMOS 15.3 megapixel sensor and a Zeiss 24mm F4 lens, the RXO moves within the framework of the RX100Mark V. 4K video, full HD, 240fps and 16fps with RAW images.

It is very light and small and dust, water (up to 10 meters) and even a fall of 6.5 meters height can not affect it. It is intended to be used as a multi-camera setup and, e.g. own VR or 360 ° mounting. They can be controlled remotely via FA-WRCIM and trigger up to 15 cameras at the same time. From the PlayMemories app, however, you can access only 5. But that too should be evidence of a certain luxury.

The application area should be professional photoshootings, which are very strongly on movement or unusual viewing angles and in which the camera may even fly around and must resist various commonweights of the gravity.



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