Philips lets Hue-lamps pulsate to the TV


At the IFA, Philips presented not only one or the other networked realization of health gadgets, but also the new TVs and a new system that connects Ambilight to the Philips Hue system. This means: not only do the TVs shine on the video image matched lights in the background, but the complete system of pears in the apartment can now react to the current movie. This may sound exciting at first, for all those who appreciate a certain light circus in their flat, but could also be a bit tiring if something goes wrong, because then perhaps one should fall back on Poltergeist or Stranger Things.

In December, the system is launched and until then, third-party developers also have access to play along.

For friends of the networked apartment: Hue accessories such as switches, dimmers and motion sensors will soon get access to Apple HomeKit. The compatibility with Google Assistant had been announced some time ago.



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