Lenovo’s first AR Headset is called Mirage

Lenovos erstes AR-Headset heißt Mirage


Lenovo surprised just before the Start of the IFA press conference in Berlin tonight with Mirage, an AR Headset, for which there is currently only one: Star Wars. Was announced, the cooperation with Disney already, even the small light sword.

To Setup a Sensor that must be placed on the floor. This Sensor is equipped with two AA batteries, the light has a rechargeable battery has a sword.

In the Headset, the Smartphone is inserted. First of all, you will have to download the game download, iOS and Android. The game starts, you are informed first about how you have to place the Sensor, then it can begin. The two cameras in the Headset to communicate with the Sensor and track the Position of the player in the room. And, of course, of the light sword.


What you see through the Headset is really, of course, is the quality of the Smartphone Displays. Tried this with a Moto Z, the representation is perfectly in order, and the field of view, amazing large: 33° vertically and 60° horizontally. Once in the battle, the light saber haptic Feedback to make it all even more real. The App offers different game modes that let you get pretty deep into the Star Wars universe immersion. Specifically:

Fighting with the light saber. With their own light sword the Fans against legendary villains such as Kylo Ren and Darth Vader can compete.
A Strategic Battle. The players perform soils, the armed forces of the Republic, the rebel Alliance and the resistance against the separatists, the Empire, and the first order in epic Battles on their Living room. The players can hone their skills in strategy and tactics, while you are in Fight.
Holoschach. Perhaps one of the most iconic Board in the heart of the cinema-goers play in a Film, conquered Holoschach, as it is on the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars Episode IV – A new hope ™ was played. It has now been in Jedi Challenges come to life. Fans will be able to conduct their holographic alien figures on the Board and to the territory and fight for control.


Lenovo is to hear that more games could follow. Thumb press. The package costs 300 euros, and is available starting in November. Amazon and Lenovo, you can pre-order already.


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