How the Lenovo Tab 4 becomes an echo show

Wie das Lenovo Tab 4 zum Echo Show wird

Actually, there is little to nothing to report on Lenovo’s Tab 4. An inexpensive Android tablet without large presetting features, rather what for the couch, on which can daddeln all times. This will change at the end of the year.

Then Lenovo will publish the “Home Assistant Pack”, a small speaker that can dock with the tablet and communicates with Alexa towards the Amazon ecosystem. As far as nothing unusual, the loudspeaker has 3 watts of power and recognizes language based on the far-field technology (here: two microphones), the Amazon now synonymous licensed.

The highlight on booted Tab 4 (all you need is an app) is, however, that Lenovo also uses the API of the EchoShow. Thus, responses are not only displayed via voice, but also displayed on the display. Although not yet all functionalities of the EchoShow supported – Amazon does not allow, Videotelefonie for example is currently not possible with the Lenovo tablet. At Lenovo it is hoped, however, that this condition will change soon and one can improve so.

The Tab 4 with the loudspeaker is to be available from November in Germany and cost from 300 Euro, depending on the tablet equipment.



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