Lenovo Explorer: Headset for mixed reality comes in October

Lenovo Explorer: headset für Mixed Reality kommt im Oktober

Lenovo has also developed a mixed-reality headset: the Explorer. The glasses can be connected to the computer via a four-meter-long cable, so the use of external sensors can be dispensed with. The headset supports controllers, also Steam and Steam VR titles can be played with the glasses. In terms of partnerships, Lenovo is currently focusing on Microsoft as a partner, more than 100 VR-capable titles are to be available for the market launch, so from October.

In addition to games, the application possibilities include working on office documents, surfing the net and of course videos in 360 °. Lenovo employees were told that they would work together with Google and Disney in the future: the latter is not a surprise and has been a reality for a few hours.

The headset itself – so much is clear after a short heads-on, sits comfortably and can be adjusted well. Practical detail: The display can be folded up, if necessary, to return to reality for a brief moment. This saves the complete removal of the explorer.

Lenovo Explorer costs 450 euros.




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