The LG V30: A photo that confirms a beautiful screen OLED borderless

The LG V30 has something of interest for all lovers of high-end smartphones. A new photo leaked on the net and confirms some rumors.

Three weeks ago, LG announced the arrival of a model equipped with an OLED display. A first for the brand that used the LCD, even for the recent LG G6. The firm had teased his new device by unveiling an image showing the bottom of the smartphone. The cliché suggested that it was equipped with a curved screen similar to that of the Galaxy S8.

This type of slab is indeed very beautiful, but remains criticized for its fragility and the fact that it often causes involuntary actions. It is once again on Weibo, the famous Chinese social network, that the photo has leaked. We must of course take tweezers, but the latter seems legitimate.


It can be seen that the screen is rather flat and really looks like the G6. There is also a USB Type-C port. The jack should be at the top. It will use Android 7 and the LG UX 6.0+ overlay as might be expected.

This is what reassure those interested in this model, which could impose itself as one of the beautiful surprises of 2017 … and play down on the price of the LG G6?




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