Otto: expensive lock connected

Connected objects have been an integral part of the “intelligent home” for a long time. Thermostats, motion sensors, bulbs … These products to manage from a mobile application or an intelligent assistant are now common.

But it is a category of accessories that still has a little trouble to settle in the landscape: the locks connected. Difficult indeed to make a blind trust in this kind of devices, which can break down, malfunction sometimes, or prove to be complicated to use – more than with a good old key. There are, however, many locks, such as the Bold.

A resistant latch

But we can always find better … by putting the means. The Otto is a cylinder that installs in place of the traditional lock, like many of its competitors. But this product takes more security than the others: Integrated Wi-Fi, advanced data encryption, and above all a durability almost foolproof.

Tests carried out by the manufacturer indicate a particularly resistant product. It has thus faced 100,000 blows with a force of 60G (at this rate, it is the whole door that will give way). The lock also withstood 250,000 cycles of openings and closures.

The functions proposed by Otto are otherwise close to those offered by other locks connected, for example the possibility of allowing relatives to unlock the door, or to create entry codes. Is all this worth the asking price? This remains to be seen, because this lock connected is very expensive: $ 699! It is the price of a high-end smartphone, but the security of the house or apartment is worth perhaps such an investment (otherwise, a common lock with a key is also good …).



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