Fitbit announces a new connected watch, the Ionic, for sportsmen of all types

This week IFA 2017 begins. No wonder, then, that Fibit takes the opportunity to announce its new connected watch, the Ionic. A connected watch that has a proprietary OS and is intended primarily for sports lovers.

Here is the Ionic, the new connected watch from Fitbit. It is a large connected watch with a GPS chip, a heart rate sensor, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi, NFC and an LCD screen (the exact proportions of which have not been revealed).

More than technical specifications, Fitbit wants to communicate about the features. It is, for example, water-resistant up to 50 meters deep, which allows it to be used to track its swimming activities. The monitoring of sports activities is at the heart of this watch. It will be possible to follow its efforts in real time and, for the most motivated, to subscribe to an application – against 8 dollars for months – to be followed by a sports coach application.

A fatally limited proprietary OS

Fitbit did not call Android Wear to run its watch, but preferred to develop its own OS for connected object. This one takes the name of Ionic OS. And that’s already a small disappointment. Admittedly, it is able to display the main notifications of its smartphone, whether Android, iOS or Windows Phone. But it is compatible only with very few applications – Starbucks or Pandora are among the first – essentially American. Worse, Fitbit has integrated a contactless payment application Fitbit Pay, with only a few partner banks on the other side of the Atlantic. In other words, it will never happen in France.

A high rate

The Fitbit Ionic is expected to be available in stores by the end of September and will be presented this week at IFA 2017. Its price is very high. In France, the official website has launched pre-orders. Its price is unique: 349.95 euros. The Fitbit Ionic will be available in three colors: Gray Blue / Silver Gray, Slate Blue / Metallic Orange or Charcoal / Graphite Gray.



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