Puretta is l’object of the ultimate bathroom for maniacs of cleanliness

You can clean your bathroom as many times as you want, there will always be bacteria. It is a fact. Puretta is an object that promises still to keep your toothbrush clean in your bathroom.

Eliminate 99,999999999999999999999999999999 % of bacteria

Unveiled on Kickstarter, this object is in the form of a casing to hang on the wall. Then, simply place your toothbrush, your toothpaste, see your razor on the case.

The interest is to keep your toothbrush clean. First of all, it is not lagging in a glass filthy full of bacteria, seen as it is suspended, but is also constantly being purified by the UV rays.

Thus, your toothbrush will be thoroughly clean. As noted by The Verge, the American Society for Microbiology published a study in 2015, indicating that one could find fecal matter on 60% of the toothbrushes of the country of uncle Sam. The tendency not to wash systematically the hands and the presence of a toilet within the bathroom contribute to this result. Where the interest of Puretta.

The housing has a certain degree of success on Kickstarter, since of the $ 10,000 requested, 32,000 have already been gathered. There are still 18 days of the campaign and to support the project, it is here.



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