Comment: Sony must still reject crossplay

Kommentar: Sony muss Cross Play aktuell noch ablehnen

Microsoft is constantly striving to allow gamers to play together on the Xbox, PlayStation and PC in the interest of everyone. Sony, however, rejects such a vision (currently). And for a good reason: What speaks at Microsoft for an opening, speaks with Sony against it.

Microsoft advertises offensive for cross play

Over the past few weeks, Microsoft has used multiple cross-play games, highlighting the benefits for gamers and developers altogether, in unselfish ways. As a result, the company has profiled itself extensively in the pioneering role of both groups and as a champion for the well-being of the general public. Sony was thus cleverly maneuvered into a position, which left only two bad options to the choice.

The company has decidedly blocked the less bad variant and the advance. As the benefits of cross-play are obvious, the slogan “for the players” is unmasked and deprecated, as the Microsoft vision of the “one community to unite gamers” is something that is clearly in the interest of the players lies. The attitude of the offerer, who acts so much “for players”, however, does not run so in their sense. The fact that in this refusal, as presented by Sony, to ensure protection of minors and ensuring a secure online environment, nobody believes seriously. This creates a spot on the image vest, Sony is perceived as a blocker. This is also reflected in the public perception: Sony refuses to be a part of cross-play, writes about VG247, which underlines how the roles are distributed and who is the new owner of cross-play.

Sony wählt die bessere der schlechten Alternativen

In fact, the company has a major reason to choose this less bad option. In the establishment of crossplay with the integration of PlayStation players, Microsoft is the most popular. As unsuccessful as suggested, the advance is by no means: profit and loss result from the much higher popularity of the PlayStation 4 against the Xbox One. If the barriers between the platforms are lifted, the PlayStation 4 loses a major buying argument, particularly its player pool, which is estimated to be more than twice as big, which makes it easier to find a fellow player and makes the publishing more appealing to the console.

The competition for similar buyer layers plays a significant role: for Nintendo, cross-play is less a problem, since the target groups differ more clearly. The knocked-out console naturally benefits from such an opening much more unequally. In the case of Microsoft, the Windows PC, which is lurking in the background with the new Xbox concept, is also strengthened. Sony would thus equal two platforms or the symbiosis of PC and Xbox console strengthen and give a trump from the hand. The fact that the feature has barely taken a ride is, paradoxically, the weakness of the Xbox.

Deferred, not canceled

Crossplay with the Xbox is from the economic point of view for Sony simply not a smart move and appears manifestly unfavorable as possible PR disadvantages – the self interest wins over the benefit to the community because the competitor is under it. Benefits for all come under the wheels of economic needs. An opening becomes attractive only when the platforms act at least at the same level. Eternally, however, Sony will be hard to refuse: After the Pandora’s box was opened, there is no going back. The advantages for the player and the developer are clear, which spreads Microsoft almost with pleasure. Sony must open up in the sense of the players and their own advertising – just not now.

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