Star Wars: Jedi Challenges: Jedi battles in AR cost with light sword 299 euros

Star Wars: Jedi Challenges: Jedi-Kämpfe in AR kosten mit Lichtschwert 299 Euro

With Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, Lenovo and Disney present an Augmented-Reality-Complete set for the experience of light-sword fights based on an app for smartphones. For the price of 299 euros, players receive an AR headset, a light swell controller, a tracking transmitter and the software. Android and iOS are supported.

Image output and calculation via the smartphone

A smartphone compatible with the app must be inserted into the Mirage AR baptized headset and projected the contents to be displayed in the player’s environment onto a Plexiglas disc in its field of view. Officially, the iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S3, Google Pixel XL, Google Pixel and Moto Z are supported. However, further devices are to follow. Both their dimensions as well as their performance and sensors are likely to be crucial for a release.

Fisheye lenses and light for tracking

A two-battery, illuminated scanning transmitter is used to continuously calibrate the display. Not only the opponents are represented before the eyes, also the blade is drawn on the light swell controller. For this purpose it has its own luminous ball and is also used for navigation in the app. For orientation in the room, the headset has, in addition to the sensors in the smartphone, two ultra-wide-angle cameras that capture the direction finder and the controller. It weighs 470 grams and thus more than the mixed-reality headsets such as the Dell Visor. The light weight weighs 275 grams, is nearly 32 inches long and a maximum of 47 millimeters thick.

The app offers three game modes: Star Wars Episode IV, Holo Chess, and a rudimentary strategy game where the characters of both sides are navigated across the living room floor.

Starting from 299 Euro in November

Star Wars: Jedi Challenges will be available in November for 299 euros. Pre-orders are already received at Lenovo or Amazon *. The fact that later applications for this platform will appear, Lenovo explicitly does not rule out the IFA 2017.

(*) Links marked with asterisks are affiliate links. In the case of an order via such a link, ComputerBase will participate in the sales proceeds without increasing the price for the customer.



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