Vodafone: Free WiFi calling for all LTE customers

Vodafone WiFi Calling at no extra cost – From September 5, 2017, the Vodafone network operator from Düsseldorf will offer free WiFi calling. All Vodafone customers with a voice tariff and LTE can then use WiFi calling at no extra charge.

Vodafone WiFi Calling gratis

Vodafone customers with a LTE voice tariff can use WiFi Calling from 5th September at no extra charge. Until now the additional option was only for customers with a current RED tariff and for Vodafone GigaKombi customers free of charge. All other customers had to pay for the WiFi option monthly 2.99 euros. An activation of the WiFi option is currently possible via the My Vodafone app or under the hotline 0800 172 1212.

The WiFi option allows customers to receive or make voice calls even in places without a mobile network. This allows customers, for example, to conduct conversations in the cellar and foreclosed areas. However, a prerequisite for reception is a stable and permanent WLAN connection.

Vodafone Crystal Clear mit WiFi-Option

In addition, customers benefit from the innovative voice technology Vodafone Crystal Clear through the WiFi option. With Crystal Clear customers call via WiFi calling also in difficult-to-access regions of a crystal-clear voice quality. Vodafone Crystal Clear was introduced to Vodafone exactly one year ago (31.08.2016) and is now available for more and more Smarpthones. According to own data, Crystal Clear is already supported by 27 Smartphone models from the brands Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Sony.

With Vodafone Crystal Clear, conversation partners have the impression that the conversation partner is right next door. In order to use the Crystal Clear option, it must be activated once. An activation is as mentioned at the beginning in the online customer center, via the My Vodafone app or via the telephone hotline.




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