O2 Free: New tariffs from 6 September up to 25 GB

New o2 Free Trainees – One day before the start of the IFA 2017, the network operator Telefónica Germany has unveiled new o2 free fares in Berlin. From September 6th, o2 customers will have a new o2 free fare portfolio with up to 25 GB available – a quantum leap on the German mobile market.

New o2 free tariffs from 6 September

On 5 September the o2 anniversary campaign with the o2 Free 15 tariff with 15 GB runs. However, on the following day, the Munich network operator is launching a new o2 online tariff portfolio with up to 25 GB high-speed data volume in its o2 online shop .

While the o2 Freely tariffs M, L and XL are boosted with more data volume, the inclusive volume for the beginner rate o2 Free S with 1 GB of data volume remains unchanged. The cheapest o2 free tariff is still available at the price of 19.99 euros per month . In addition, all o2 free tariffs continue to have an allnet and SMS fat, EU roaming flat as well as a free landline number. Likewise, the throttling to 1 Mbit/s is retained in all tariffs .

O2 Free tariffs with up to 25 GB

As of September 6, the o2 Free M tariff includes 10 GB of high-speed volume in the o2 LTE network. Up to now, the Focus tariff included only 2 GB or 4 GB (due to action). The monthly basic fee is 29.99 euros. The o2 Free L tariff will include 20 GB of data volume instead of 4 GB. The monthly basic price is 39.99 euros. The o2 Free XL tariff has even more high-speed volume . Instead of 8 GB, the monthly basic price of 49.99 Euro includes 25 GB of data volume.

The maximum bandwidth in the o2 LTE network is currently at 225 Mbps. For o2 customers, the monthly basic charge is reduced by € 10 each through the combination advantage (mobile phone and DSL contract). The single connection price is 29.99 euros for all tariffs

Data consumption by o2 customers is growing steadily

The new o2 Free Tarifportfolio is the logical further development of  the philosophy of Telefónica Germany, according to the official press release. According to data from o2, the data consumption of o2 postpaid LTE customers in the second quarter of 2017 averaged 48 percent over the previous year . Customers of the birthday star o2 Free 15 use, for example, an average of 4 GB of data volume per month. Until now, mobile customers are strongly restricting themselves to the use of video services such as YouTube, for example, and operate “hotspot hopping”.

The new tariffs were presented on the eve of the IFA by Telefónica Germany’s CEO Markus Haas. “Telefónica Deutschland is the first mobile service provider to systematically align its tariff portfolio with extra-large data packages and make them affordable . This is a real quantum leap for our customers. With the new O 2 Free portfolio, we are setting a new standard for mobile freedom, “ says Markus Haas , Chairman of the Management Board of Telefónica Deutschland. “O 2 Free customers receive more high-speed volume than ever before. This allows them to draw on their own online and without compromise at any time and on the roadAll the possibilities of the digital world . “




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