Tomtom will soon offer personalized training and calculate the age of your body

Soon, thanks to a free software upgrade, TomTom Spark 3 Cardio and TomTom Adventurer will be able to calculate what the Dutch manufacturer calls fitness age, that is, the age of our body according to some biometric data acquired. The announcement came from Berlin, where IFA 2017 is taking place, including TomTom.

This is not an absolute novelty, as other manufacturers such as Garmin and Fitbit already offer this information, relying on measuring the level of oxygen in the blood during physical exercises. TomTom devices will also rely on the VO2 Max value to perform a comparison with other users of your age and sex around the world, enabling you to understand your form level.

In addition to adding the new feature, TomTom should offer a new set of custom workouts, with the aim of allowing users to reach the desired fitness age, making it fit with the real one. The update should be published in the coming weeks, and with regard to the new training plan, you will probably have to wait a few more months.



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